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We’ve Refreshed! New Website Launch 2012.

We have launched a new website as well as refresh and organize the teams around the region. This year is going to be exciting as we are working several exciting projects. We have beginning to offer SEO and Online Marketing services right now.


LMS for corporate training & your recommended app

Following the successful introduction of the Alpha Technologies and a busy and hectic year in 2011, we are happy to officially announce our new website upgrade. The overall theme of this upgrade is to make the information on our projects as accessible as possible to our clients. Now it is easier to find out about our portfolio and contacting us for more information.

The About Us section gives you access to our skills and introduces our new service of SEO and Online Marketing. We are currently working on an automated calculation of how much your SEO will cost you based on keywords. So watch this space.

We appreciate your input so let us know what you think. [/two_third] 


“It’s been a challenging but fun year in 2011. This year we will see the launch of our corporate training platform as well as an app that will enable you recommend to your friends”
-Johnson Oh [/one_third_last]